So who am I??? Whenever I get this question I never really know how to answer, never have! I am Chantelle, it is a unique type! My husbands sweet pet name for me is angry chipmunk (picture it, it is quite funny!) It describes me well! I may have a temper but my children calm me and make me the happiest person in the world. I am very loyal and have lots of room in my heart for anyone I want to share it with! In high school I took hair dressing and have been working at my aunts salon since I was about 15. I am not as invested in it now as I had planned, my life took a quick change! I met Lucas, my husband, at 16 got married at 19 and now I am 25, married 5 years with three kids.

My first is Emily, she is 3! She is the typical busy loud toddler. Goofy, independent and serious, yet very loving kind and patient with her siblings, (and some times her mom) She is my rock at times! Knows just when to hug and just when to make me laugh! She is a little mini me of her dad. Now I like to think I am a pretty relaxed mom, but my second, this one gives me a heart attack probably 5 times a day!  Zoey is a year and a half, she is my sensitive little one! Used to even hold her breathe going down stairs or if you sat down too quickly. Now she runs every where she goes jumps or leps instead of stepping. She has a personal spot reserved at the hospital. She has had stitches twice a possible broken nose and so so many bumps and scratches! She is a mommas girl for sure! She is feisty, angry and accident prone, yet she loves so hard and is a complete goof ball with a great sense of humour.  My third, my little man, he is under a year. He too is a mama’s girl. His personality is still showing itself but he is very cuddly, and strong! He has this power to calm your heart. when he looks you in your eyes with his big beautiful eyes for a minute nothing else in the world matters.  I know he will be a very happy and loving boy. He has down syndrome yet great health! So right now he is just Maxwell.

I mention them in my about me because they are a huge part of me and why I started this. My life is dedicated to these three people for I am a stay at home mom. I am dedicated to giving all three of my children. I am also dedicated to sharing our sons story and our families with everything we go through and learn about with down syndrome. It is a journey for everyone, and we are so happy, excited and privileged to go through all this together as a family!

I hope you enjoy!!


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