One year later…….


4 year old

Starts kindergarten in September

Determined little worker

Shocks me everyday with something she says

Ballerina. However born football player



2 years old going on 13

STUBBURN yet the goofiest most loving girl (when you get to know her)

3 scars from stitches 1 possible broken nose

Falls every 30 seconds





21 lbs 29 inches

4 teeth

No more bald patches

Rolling over, army crawling, clapping, and making trouble

Says dad NOT mom


A LOT has happened this year! We have gone through shock, fear, sadness, learning, happiness, excitement and lots and lots of love! But the number one thing we accomplished this year has to be healing! We also dealt with a couple of  health scares, depression, and then the scariest……. 2 toddlers. But we have made it through to the end of the first year stronger and happier than ever

Having a baby born with Down syndrome is not necessarily a sad occurrence. Yet the main thing a parent wants for their children is perfect health, in this imperfect world. And when you hear your child has Down syndrome and you are hearing of all the possible health conditions and such, you feel scared. The image of your “perfect” child is blurring. We found out Maxwell had Down syndrome the morning after he was born. I had an idea what adulthood would look like however I had no idea what to expect with a baby, and I am still learning everyday.

The Down syndrome community we have on social media and the individuals we have met has helped a lot. I continue to learn and be encouraged by everyone else’s stories and I am so thankful to these parents to be strong enough to share their story.

Coming out of the fog, I learned that having something to do for yourself is important! I  don’t know about you but I  never had anything I really wanted to do and if I did I felt like I was being selfish and that there was always so much more I could be doing! I love taking pictures of my children. To me there is nothing more wonderful than watching them grow, learn, explore and play. I also love writing all these memories and my thoughts down. So I thought I would do it for others to read and see. Why? Just in case there is one mom out there struggling with her new journey with a child with Down syndrome or for anyone struggling with depression or for a mom that loves following Instagram moms (and follows about 1000 different moms like me) with a realistic and down to earth page. I want to share these things mostly for fun but also for these people, because I was these people and although social media can be used for so many negative things sometimes,  if used for the right reasons it can also be a great encouraging tool!

I want to share our journey with Down syndrome, all that I have learned, have experienced, and how amazing it can be! I also want to share our experience with depression, how it was, and how we dealt with it and then overcame it. And finally I want to share a little about my experience with parenting. I am no expert however in the last 4 years and with three children all so different, I have learned so much! It will not always be educational, sometimes I just want to share the ugly and funny of kids and parenting!

My goal every day is to keep it fun and real. I do not live a Pinterest life. My wardrobe is worthy of a moms. My house is craigslist and Ikea made, I can not link most of the things I own. And we are not perfect but there is also beauty in all of that! I hope through sharing these stories I can help someone and myself to continue coping with the extraordinary life we live every day! Our life brings me so much joy and I am looking forward to sharing all of it! (Well most of it)


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