My First Weekly Update: Circumcision

I am starting this weekly update mostly for myself, but also to share the craziness and humour that fills my life! Not for any tips or tricks, just me telling a story!

Now before we get started I know a lot of people are opting out of circumcision these days and honestly I was going to too! However my son ended up in the hospital with a UTI at 3 months old and was in the hospital for 10 days on antibiotics. It was a very troubling time for everyone! I was there so long my girls thought I had moved out into the sick house! So when we got out of the hospital, the first thing I wanted to do to help prevent that in the future was this! Now was it the fact that he was not cut that caused the UTI. Most likely not at such a young age. However apparently he is prone to them so I do not want to give him any extra chance of getting another in the future!

Now with that out of the way here is how this week went.

I took my the kids to the tulip festival in Abbotsford this week! The whole 10 minutes we were there were beautiful!

First of course, I dress the kids all in cute outfits that won’t clash in pictures, hair actually done and I actually cleaned up a bit myself! I decided to wear white converse and a white knit sweater and the kids wore their uggs. (walmart brand) There started the bad choices!  So it rained for the month before we got there and well it was a tulip swamp. At one point my feet were completely immersed in the mud and I am still working on cleaning my poor shoes!!!!  So we are surviving the trip, except for the fact that my camera died because I didn’t bother to check the battery! However I got a really cute picture. Then my little clumsy Zoey slips flat out on her butt IN a mud puddle! That ended it right there! Then I had to make the 10 minute walk back to the car with a cranky Zoey because she was dripping in mud and a cranky Emily because she was having fun! All while carrying Maxwell because I forgot my wrap! So my arm feels like it is going to fall off! Then because I did not schedule enough into this day I got to go to work!

I was a hairdresser before mom, and I still try to keep up to date with it. So for the first time in 4 months I got to get my hands on some hair. Of course it was my best friend and we decided to try something new. Well didn’t turn out! Serves me right! We have made it better!

I brought my little Maxwell with me, thinking he would sit with her, I brought bottles he usually loves any cuddles he can get! I have done it with all of my kids!  Well that is not the way it went. He cried. Cried a lot! At one point I was applying colour and holding him! The things you eventually are able to do when holding a baby are incredible! Then after all that disappointment I had to go get groceries! Why are we always at a grocery store!!??

I get home and my husband tells me that while I was out Emily asked where Maxwell and I where. When he told her she simply said, “oh Maxwell doesn’t like working.” Little miss 3 year old mother knew better than me!

The week continued. I enjoyed a beautiful day with my best friend and mom going for lunch at the cutest little tea house and candy shop! Followed by a run in the field  to wear off the sugar, which turned out to be another mud swamp! This time I was smart and took off the shoes!! Followed by more doctors appointments, cleaning, and my newest project, the office/guest room.

Then the main event. A simple Thursday morning circumcision.

It was all pretty bad! I mean the day started with us having to get up at 4:30 to drive out to the office about an hour away! It was actually a day full of laughter though. This was the most almost “alone” time we have had in months! Who says parents have no fun! haha

Maxwell did so good! Hardly cried! The worst of it was my husband watching the whole thing!!! I tried telling him! I have seen him get two catheters, 10 IV’s, uncountable amount of blood taken. All you do is stare into his big eyes and comfort him! He didn’t listen!

We are getting the after care speech and I look at my husband, he is as white as a brand new sheet! He tells me he was just too curious! Come on they are cutting your sons penis! As a man you DO NOT WATCH THAT! I was more concerned about him fainting or throwing up in that moment than my poor son!

All is well he didn’t sleep for a few days after! But he was mostly his normal happy self! My biggest tip! Listen to EVERY instruction! They know what they are talking about! Double diaper for padding and Vaseline on the penis and the diaper! and change it less than usual! All went well!

Friday though I had to drive again super early for his check up. The drive there is an hour one way and the check up was maximum one minute long in their filing room! Couldn’t I have just sent a picture! Facetime? Skype? All well I banked two hours of alone time as I drove! Then it was into a normal weekend. Dinner with friends and family. A brunch baby shower with my girls and caesars. Parks, cleaning and into a new week we go!


xoxo Chan and clan





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