The little girl who believed she could fly

Let me start by saying I am not a poet in any way! Yes I loved it in high school, but I do not remember any of the formats or rules or even if formats and rules is the right words!

One early morning I got to sleep for an extra 30 minutes and I had one of those very vivid dreams so real that when you wake up for a minute you don’t know if you were dreaming or if it was real life, and in it I wrote this poem. When I woke up I had to write it down because I loved it so much!

It tells the story about the love both our girls have for their dad. Every morning they walk up to me with their bed head and sleepy eyes and ask right away where dad is. And every day I have to explain that he went to work. You can only imagine their excitement on weekends when he is there in the mornings.

This poem illustrates how excited they are when he comes home. In a literal sense he picks them up and throws them around and really does make them fly. In a figurative sense him being home makes them so happy they feel like they can fly!

Here it goes, please don’t judge!

She wakes up to see you and asks where you are

All day she plays, knowing you are never too far

Finally she hears you coming up the stairs

Nothing makes her happier,

Not even the greatest fairs

Speaking so fast she makes no sense

Yet it makes you feel happiness so intense

Her feet go pitter patter on the floor

Feeling excitement to her core

Her arms in the air

Making her wait, just wouldn’t be fair

So lift her up high

and giver her happiness, only you can supply

Because of you, she believed she could fly




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