Lazy DIY’s

I only started getting into doing DIY’s a couple of years ago. It has not been a life long interest for me. I always thought it would be a lot of work to do it. However I now know how easy it can be! It has really developed into an obsession!  I love that I can set aside a DIY day about once a month and spend an afternoon and accomplish so much!

Now I am not crazy about it! There are things I know I use that are not good for me. But for the sake of my kids I TRY to do as much as I can. When I am trying to clean the house the kids are always around and it brings me comfort knowing that if they get into it, it will not harm them.  I do it because I actually find joy and pride in doing this and I find it fun!

Now to get to the rest of the blog you have to endure a little bit of a rant! No better time to talk about it since I am on the subject.

The thing I hear most is, “we survived” when it comes to natural things, and I agree! However, I am an old person at heart!

I once heard a story, who knows from where, of an older women going grocery shopping and at the check out the young girl helping her suggested she bring her own bags. The older lady responded “sorry we didn’t have this ‘green thing’ back in our day.” the young cashier goes, “thats the problem, your generation didn’t care enough to save our environment for the future generations.” In which the older lady responds by going on a very long rant about how they didn’t need to recycle because they brought the containers back to the store to be refilled, they covered their school books with the paper grocery bags so they wouldn’t be wrecked, they walked everywhere instead of driving enormous gas machines, hung their clothes to dry, washed their dishes by hand and the list goes on! (You should look it up quite entertaining! )

This story has always stuck in my head! As part of the technology generation I have never known a life any different than machines. My kids will be even worse. I think of it as the automatic generation, you don’t have to even think about anything, a machine does it automatically for you!

I love the “olden days”. and that is why I am into DIY’s because I respect our grandparents that did these things not because it was a fad but because it is how they cleaned and got things done!

We may be surviving but the rate in which things like sickness, and pollution and such is increasing shows we may be “surviving” but that is all we are doing. It is like a survival kit, it gives you only what you need to survive but wouldn’t you much prefer a full turkey dinner with all the fixings and a bottle of wine!? I sure would!

Now I also realize that by me using my little hippy cleaning products I am not saving the planet, that is out of my hands! However maybe I can give my kids even a slight chance of a healthier future and that is all I care about!

So now that you endured that!

All of my big projects I try and do a post for, however, I realized one day that there are so many projects I do not share because they are so simple doesn’t really take up a whole post! So I decided to collect all these things and make one page about it! These are things I use everyday around my house! They only require a few ingredients and a few minutes making it easy to keep up!

Baby Bed Time Body Lotion

Coconut oil and lavender essential oil whipped together and put into a mason jar.IMG_4046

Fabric Softener and Scent Booster

Epsom salts and your favourite essential oil scent mixed well and put into a sealed jar.

Add as much as you wish with your regular load of wash.IMG_3830

Dryer Sheets

Cotton cloths Here is where I got mine

1/2 a cup of vinegar

10 (or more if you wish) drops of your favourite essential oil

An air tight jar


Put the vinegar and EO into your jar. Roll up the cotton clothes and place into the jar seal it and move the mixture around to try and coat the clothe. Then your ready! Throw it into the dryer as a regular dryer sheet! This is one of my favourites!IMG_6249      IMG_6261


Air Freshener

1/4 cup Rubbing alcohol or vodka

1 cup filtered Water

10 or more drops of Essential oils

A small spray bottle


Combine all the ingredients into the bottle shake and use! I love lemon for the kitchen and bathroom smells fresh and clean! and Lavender to spray onto our sheets at night!

Chest Rub for colds

Combine coconut oil and either peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil and rub it on your chest and back and the bottoms of your feet. Amazing for both kids and adults.

Coconut Oil!!! I put that S*** on Everything!!!!

I seriously do! I use it from the top on my head to the bottom of my feet! To cook with and more!

Great for moisturizing your hair and scalp! Something new my best friend just discovered, if you have an overly oily scalp, apply it to your scalp! Sounds weird! However, you may actually have a dry scalp causing your body to over produce oils to your scalp to help! Moisturizing it might help to calm this down! It is worth a try!

Face moisturizer. I only use at night so it can soak in!

Teeth Whitener. Brush your teeth with it to whiten them.

Oil pulling. Swish a tablespoon of melted oil in your mouth for ten minutes in the morning! The benefits are way too many to list here!

All over moisturizer after a shower, especially in the winter.

Preventing and healing sun burns

Insect bites

After shave! Works like a charm!!

Cuticle softener

Dry feet!


For the kids

Diaper rash

Baby Acne


Cradle cap

Insect bits

Teething pains

Brushing teeth

And so much more!!! These are just my everyday uses there are hundreds more!

Vinegar uses 

Disinfect cutting boards

Clean fruit and veggies. Fill Sink with water add about one cup vinegar. It even helps them last longer!

Rinse aid in your dishwasher. Just put that in there instead of buying a rinse aid.

Toilet cleaner. Sprinkle baking soda to cover inside of toilet bowl. Spray vinegar over it, let it sit for ten minutes then scrub clean.

Clean your dish washer. Put two cups of vinegar in a bowl, sit the bowl on the top rack and turn the dishwasher on for a normal load.

Clean sealed grout. Mix baking soda and vinegar and use an old tooth brush to scrub it clean. Rinse it off.

Again there are so many more! These are just the ones I use all the time!


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