Feeding time

I discovered another incredible Pinterest find!! Baby Foode

Starting to feed your baby solid food is a fun, exciting, and scary time! Fun to see your babies reactions, exciting to have a little bit of a break from breastfeeding what feels like every ten minutes and scary because you do not want to feed your baby the wrong thing! Even with my second the first little bit of feeding solids feels brand new all over again! You have no idea what, if any, allergies your baby might have, how picky of an eater they may be or if you are giving them the right nutrition!

So with so many questions where do you look for the right answers and for recipes?

I found the most incredible website with articles about how to feed, what to feed and why and recipes for your little one that they will love!!!

Making home made food is harder than just buying from the grocery store, however it is so rewarding, especially when they love it and they will LOVE these recipes!

I usually pick about 4 recipes, make large batches of it and freeze most of it and defrost as needed so you only have to do it every couple weeks. Another wonderful feature about this website is that it tells you how long the food will store for.

How do you know when to start feeding them solids? or at least how did I know? 

I once heard the most outrageous advice when I had my first child. “you have to give your child what is best for them, they do not know what they want.” Of course it is our job to give them what is best! However I do believe babies know what they want. I never woke my babies every two hours to feed. If they are sleeping for 6 hours they must be happy and full!  If you were having a great sleep and someone woke you every two hours to shove food down your throat would’t that upset you!? Same goes with when I decided to feed my babies.

My first was almost 6 months old. She was grabbing at and crying for the food we were eating.  It was VERY obvious with my second! I swear she was eating every 30 minutes and so cranky and violently grabbing at food! She has always slept through the night and she was up every couple hours to eat, she was only 4 months old but she was obviously very unhappy and unsatisfied with just milk.

So I let them tell me when they were ready! Babies are very good at telling us when they are unhappy! So when they are no longer satisfied with drinking just milk they will let you know!

Some babies might not be as obsessed with their food as mine! So they might not show signs of wanting solid foods before the 6 months! Of course that is fine! However start them on iron rich foods when they are 6 months because your milk will no longer be giving them the full nutrition that they need!

I am not a professional this has just been my experience, so if you are still uneasy about what to feed or when to feed contact a nurse in your area! When I have questions I call BC health and they direct me to who to call for questions.

Enjoy this exciting time in your babies life! The smiles and giggles and mess that comes with it!

And just a little advice, don’t turn your back on the yogurt container!

Baby Foode


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