Beautiful Mess

Everyday when I look on my Instagram I see beautiful women and their beautiful children, beautiful clothes, beautiful homes and beautiful meals. Of course I LOVE it! I wanted to join this world and share my own families beauty!

I love this community! They are all hard working women (and men) no matter what their topic is, clothes, parenting, DIY, food, or interior design, your mind is always going, thinking of your next idea, outfit, project or post and then how to word it and stage it perfectly to make it so beautiful!

As the audience seeing everyone’s beauty can inspire you! Maybe it will spark an idea for an outfit for the day, or a new way to organize your hallway closet. Maybe you will finally have inspiration on how to decorate your coffee table or find inspiration to work out or do something nice for someone else! These people can influence you in a simple way but they can also move us in big ways!

So I have to admit on those days that I am so exhausted because I was in a boxing match with my kids all night and they won!!!! So I’m beat up, I’m wearing my pj’s (and not the cute ones,) my hair and teeth are not brushed and I get to sit and look at everyone’s beauty, I realize motherhood is not always beautiful, or at least mom isn’t always beautiful. There are days I would not even snapchat my best friend or mother! My kitchen is usually NOT picture ready and my clothes are usually stained with some sort of food!

Now NO ONE wants to see that!! At least not mine! However, in reality it is something every mother does see every day!

Now am I saying we should share our mess? Probably not! Ever heard the saying; “don’t air your dirty laundry” well it can be taken literally in this case! Maybe we shouldn’t be posting either! (However, maybe you have an idea about laundry, so a picture of dirty laundry might be acceptable!)

Everyone is on here to inspire and share! So let’s inspire and encourage by sharing our un-staged moments, share ways to cope and conquer those tough days or that pile of laundry! Take down the filters and share the true beauty of motherhood!! You never know who you can make smile, laugh, or maybe even cry!

I know personally it can sometimes give me the assurance that I’m doing an alright job! Other moms, no matter how beautiful their life seems can have times when their house is a mess they are a mess their kids are a mess and that does not mean you are lazy or a slob or a bad mother! It means your just having a NORMAL day!

Not saying I do not see these posts! In fact I have been seeing more and more of it! The messy bun, the late night feeding conversation and the house being lived in! I love seeing others embrace and enjoy these tough years because some times it feels like they will never end so it is good to know you are not alone and there are other moms out there feeling the same way and we can all laugh or even just smile about it!

The perfect instagram post is just a small area of their life, you never know what actually surrounds that picture! So do not let the Insta-sham discourage you. Just see it for what it is, a fellow mother sharing a beautiful picture of a moment, it is not their entire life! Just like when you are invited over to someone’s house for a meal. They have cleaned their house, set the table all nice and dressed everyone up just for you! These women have invited you into that moment so they cleaned the house / area of their house, staged the meal all nice or dressed up! It looks beautiful but it does not mean every second of their life looks like this!

So just like it, share it, or take inspiration from it and share you beautiful, real moments. No matter your parenting style, personal style, or home style, we can ALL take comfort in knowing and seeing that we are not alone when it comes to having a messy house, messy bun, or messy life some times! We all have our moments of greatness and our moments of mess. So be encouraged and encourage others with both your beautiful greatness and beautiful mess!

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