Feeling done? Burnt out? Stressed?

I think every mother regardless of her situation one, two, three, four or more children. Single mom, working mom, stay at home mom, every mom feels burnt out at some point!My point was this October!

My dear, hard working husband has been gone a lot this October. He only goes away, or really does anything for himself twice a year, his hunting trip or maybe two, and his family guys golf trip. This year they landed back to back so I have been alone a lot this month. And of course right now both my kids are having a hard time sleeping, making for one tired mom and two tired and cranky kids!

Lucas, my husband, is the one that that keeps me sane, happy and laughing at the end of everyday so without that, without getting some adult conversation everyday and a break from being mom, I have been feeling burnt out.

I decided to share this because I thought because I was a stay at home mom, raising my kids, teaching them, playing with them, taking care of their needs, our needs and taking care of the house IS my job! I never thought I SHOULD feel burnt out. Usually I would not do anything about it, ignore it and brush it off thinking it is nothing. However, this time it involves my kids I was not being the best mom I can be for them. I had less patience, I was not as fun, or happy, causing my kids, especially Emily my toddler to  feed off of it and start acting the same. That is when I knew I had to take care of myself!

I started looking things up, on Pinterest of course! I found two blogs that made a dramatic change for me.

Burnt out Mom – Keeping up when you feel burnt out after having kids…

5 Ways to Avoid ‘Stay at Home Mom Burnout

The first one spoke to me because it was simple! and it is great advice for all moms! There is no magical list of things to do, it is the basics, the simple things, the things really we should all be doing and I was doing before even having kids. Going outside, eating well, exercising, taking time for yourself , all so basic but when you are in parents survival mode you neglect these things thinking there are more important things to get done. But really taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do for your kids, makes you a better mom, the mom your kids need!

The second spoke to me and my situation. I am a stay at home mom. Many may see this as simple, I did before I was one! But I never expected the emotional and physical tole it can have. The  feeling of not actually accomplishing anything in your day or week! You have all day at home but some days you can’t even brush your teeth or hair, let alone tackle that mountain of laundry, wash those disgusting floors or cook an actual meal. You can start to feel isolated and alone. I mean you are with people but you are speaking gibberish all day.

However I have come to really appreciate the life and support I have! It may be a small circle of people and it might be a less exciting life, in the way that  most of my outings consist of play places jungle gyms and other kids activities. And a meal out is early and usually consist of at least one freak out so it is quick and never fancy!

On those days I am having a rough time rather than getting stressed and worked up and possibly isolating myself and holding in all these emotions, I now know what I have to do! I also know that it is normal to feel this way, and taking the simple steps and advice I have gotten from these two blogs helped me to be a happier mom which made my kids happier, and that is the important thing!

In the end we have to remember our kids are truly a blessing! I am so fortunate to have them, and I am never alone! I appreciate having two sets of grandparents around to help us and look after the kids so once in awhile I can go out with my husband to have a nice meal,and wear clean clothes, and carry a clutch! I know not everyone has that!

Some nights when I go to bed the house may be a disaster but tomorrow is a new day and we had a fun day today and my kids went to bed happy!

If you are ever feeling done, alone, stressed, or burnt out! Take a step back and remember the simple things! And don’t work yourself up thinking you need to be the picture perfect mom with the sparkling house, clean and quiet kids and the perfect marriage! It is such a short time in your life! Though the days seem long the years are short and soon you will be alone at home drinking your glass of wine in a clean house it may be just you or your with your husband the house will be quiet and you will be looking back on these hard times wishing you could go back! Because they are the greatest times in your life! So enjoy them and your kids!

Please if you are feeling as I was, read these two blogs and maybe do more research if needed and take the advice and steps to feel better!

Though it is not a project or DIY I see this as another Pinterest success and I hope it works as well for you!

Since the day Zoey was born I have been holding them both in my arms everyday, even though the load is heavy I soak it up knowing it won’t last long! It may not always be smiles but I love knowing they both still need me!






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