Bread-er Late Than Never

Lol my dear husband helped me with this title!

I have been married four years now, and I have always wanted to be the wife that makes homemade bread! Now that I am a mom I want my kids to have the memory of the house smelling like fresh baked bread, and the sweet taste of fresh bread hot from the oven with butter on it. However I have never been great at it! I have been trying In a bread maker this whole time and it has never come out right! 

Last night during my Pinterest feeding time I came across this pin and decided to try it out. I was actually so excited about it that as soon as Zooey was done I got my husband to look after the girls for 20 mins while I ran out to the grocery store to get yeast and a cooked chicken so I did not have to cook dinner and I could get started right away!

I am not going to post the recipe because it is not mine but here is the link to the blog I got it from

I am happy to say it was a Pinterest success! Tasted so good! It was so easy and quick! And everyone loved it! Hope you do as well!

Enjoy our messy little journey through this pin!



The yeast is foaming I did something right!!!




Someone wanted to do some baking of her own while I was busy


 Multitasking; my dutch oven warming up and some veggies roasting for dinner.



Dinner and dishes while I wait




And we all enjoyed!!!! I hope it turns out as well for you!

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