The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are staring in your full closet looking for something to wear and after what seems like forever you start yelling “I have NOTHING to wear!” I know you have! Every woman has! Well I got sick of these moments! So I started doing my research, on Pinterest of course!

Having a toddler and a baby as bosses means I do not have a lot of NEED to look good! And they do not pay much so I have a smaller budget to spend on myself! But all of this does not mean I have any less desire to look good and feel good! I know sweats are easy and comfortable but if you look good it will help you feel good! Moms can be hot too! No need to through yourself away just because you have a new title!

So I needed simple, affordable, flattering clothes! Then I stumbled upon the term capsule wardrobe. Just what I needed!

When I started reading about it I was immediately interested! The idea of a smaller wardrobe full of items I LOVE and that will be easy to put together was exactly what I was looking for! So I read, ALOT! These were my two favourite blogs for information.  This one I loved for the pictures and the advice on how to take one piece of clothing and wear it in so many different ways! This one is where I did all my reading! Lots and lots of reading! Finally I felt confident enough to get started!

How did I do it?????

So first things first! I made my list! I didn’t start by cleaning out my closest because I wanted to have my list so that while I was going through my clothes I would be confident in what I wanted to keep or toss.

Here is my master list!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.06.56 PM

How to make your own list.

Do what works best for you! Some suggest sticking to numbers, 4 tops, 4 pants and so on, this did not work for me but maybe it will for you. I went through my pins and found a pattern, the things I was posting the most, for example I had a lot of pins with light washed ripped jeans so they went on the list. Find the things you love the most and that you will wear all the time!! Then search for outfits. I wanted to know more outfits to go with my light wash ripped jeans so I looked it up and found a few ways to wear them. Every Item I put on the list had to be versatile, not only good for one outfit or event.

Spend a lot of time looking at pictures of other peoples capsule wardrobes for ideas. These are just a couple I used.

capsule two                           capsule three

Things NOT to put on your list.

Some say accessories and bags but I put these on my list because again having a smaller budget I wanted to be sure of what to get and be sure I can wear them lots! I just made sure to stick to the classics!

Do not put work out clothes, PJ’s, those jeans you use to paint with and so forth on there. This is for your every day wardrobe!

NOW I emptied my closest!

This is the second funnest step for me (after the shopping of course!)  I love organizing and getting rid of things I am not using! But this time was different, I was really hard on myself! I was holding onto a pair of jeans I LOVED 4 years ago hoping I would fit into them again! I finally got rid of them! They DO NOT fit and if they ever did would they be in style still? Probably not!

So I made 3 piles,

1.Toss or donate.  After I made this pile, I went through this again and looked for clothes that were damaged to toss.

2.LOVE.  These were my go to items that were on my list that make me feel good and I love to wear.  They have to be on the list! to steer from your list!

3. Seasonal.  These still must be items you LOVE but it is just the wrong season. Store them for later!


Now that you have a much smaller wardrobe you are going to need to go shopping!

Do it slowly and go for quality not quantity! Instead of going on those huge shopping spears, coming home with loads of clothes and then a few months later wearing only one or two of those items, just buy a few items at a time and learn to mix and match your outfits.

I am still working on my shopping but I am taking my time and finding the perfect item, not settling! If I am not 100% over the moon happy about it I do not get it and keep looking to see if there is something better! I am buying more quality things so they last longer and they really do fit and feel and look better! And of course I am always looking for a deal! I love a good sale!

Now you can also have more than one capsule! Maybe you need one for work clothes! That is a great idea! Do what works for you, and remember these 3 main rules for your perfect capsule wardrobe! Making it fit to you is what makes it perfect!

Keep it simple

Quality not Quantity

Less is more!

Hope this helps you in making your perfect capsule wardrobe!



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