I am a young mom of two girls and this is my story.  We were married a year and half happy and crazy! We may not have planned either of my pregnancies but our beautiful girls are the best thing that happened to us! I have a lot in common with my grandmother. She had six children. One of the things she used to say is; “dad hangs up his pants and I am pregnant again!” well that is how I feel! We were trying (mind you not perfectly) to prevent having children right away and now I am 23 years old, married 4 years with a two year old and a six month old!

I am a stay at home mom. I am no bored housewife! My days are loud, they’re busy, funny, sometimes frustrating but they are NEVER boring!  So I started this blog to share some of those days and how to survive them and do it with a smile for your kids! I also LOVE DIY projects. I call myself a bit of a hippy, if I do not make it myself I buy organic! I also love my home! I spend so much time in it I like to make it a happy place for me and the girls to be in and a cozy relaxing place for my busy husband to come home to. We have done all the reno’s our selves and I am always working on something new. So I will be sharing the crazy journey our house has gone on and how we did it! Now I am not a writer I am not an interior designer, and I am not a carpenter so everything I do is not perfect! But I love what I do. So please do not bring me down with negative comments this is just something fun for me! I may not post every day but I am on instagram and twitter where I post pictures of our little family and all of my projects! Please follow along @ pinspiredchan

I hope you enjoy! Talk to you soon!

Chantelle Emily & ZoeyIMG_0191

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